Plan N

Medicare supplement insurance Plan N is one of the more popular Medicare supplement plans. Although Plan F and Plan G are the most popular options, Plan N is 3rd place in popularity for the plans that offer the most coverage. Plan N is usually the least expensive of the three, but it does not cover the Part B deductible or co-payments for doctors and emergency room visits.

Plan N was introduced in June 2010. It is a relatively new Medicare supplement plan compared to the rest. It was popular almost immediately because it has low monthly premiums while still offering quite a bit of coverage.

Medigap Plan N Coverage

Medicare Supplemental Plan N covers the following Medicare expenses:

  • Medicare Part A coinsurance and hospital costs
  • Medicare Part B coinsurance and copayment (except $20 for some office visits and $50 for emergency room visits)
  • Blood (first 3 pints)
  • Part A hospice care coinsurance or copayment
  • Skilled nursing facility coinsurance
  • Medicare Part A deductible
  • Foreign travel emergency (up to plan limits)

What Medigap Plan N Does NOT Cover

Plan N covers everything that Part F and G cover except for: Part B deductible, Part B excess charges, and co-payments of $20 per doctor visit and $50 per emergency room visit. Doctors rarely charge excess charges, and you can ask your primary physician if they charge or not.  Aside from the Part B deductible and co-pays, Plan N can potentially save you up to 25% on your monthly premiums.

Medigap Plan N Benefits

Medicare Supplement Plan N Standardization

Before you consider rates for Plan N from different companies, it is important to understand that Medicare supplement plans have been completely standardized since 1991. So, as you consider Plan N pricing from various insurance companies, you can feel comfortable that a standard Plan N from each company will be identical in the following ways:

  1. Same Benefits – Medicare supplement Plan N has the same coverage, regardless of which company you choose to purchase it from. So, you don’t have to worry about whether one company’s Plan N is going to have more or less benefits than another company. It doesn’t matter which company you buy your plan from, the Plan N benefits will be identical.
  2. Same Doctor’s Network – The various Medicare supplement insurance companies do not have their own doctor’s networks. Their plans are only supplements to your primary Medicare Parts A & B coverage. Your network is the nationwide Medicare network. 93% of primary care physicians still accept Medicare. So, you don’t have to worry about whether one company has a better doctor’s network than another. They all share the same network – the Medicare network of doctors.
  3. Same Claims-Paying Process – Medicare supplement claims-processing is highly automated now-a-days, making it easy for you to use the coverage. When you receive your medical services from your physician, they will only submit your claim to Medicare and not to your Medicare supplement insurance company. Medicare uses a clearinghouse that knows which Medicare supplement plan and company you use. Once Medicare approves your claim, they will pay the physician their portion and will notify your Medicare supplement company, through the clearinghouse, of the amount due to the physician from your Medicare supplement insurance company. The Medicare supplement company cannot decide they don’t want to, or shouldn’t have to, pay their portion of the claim. They have no choice. They must pay the amount due per Medicare’s instructions. This is automated and completely standardized from company to company. So, you don’t have to worry about whether one company is better at paying for claims than another. Due to the automation and standardization in this area, they’re all equal in their claims-paying history.

Knowing about the different areas of standardization above makes it extremely easy to consider rates for Medicare supplement Plan N from any company. So, it really comes down to who is going to offer the best rate from a company you can trust for your Plan N.

That’s one reason so many Medicare recipients turn to Boomer Savings Center. We care about educating our clients through the buying process and ensuring they have options from over 30 providers nationwide. This ensures that you’ll know what you’re buying and have the choices available to find the best value.

Medicare Supplement Plan N Pricing

Medicare supplement Plan F, Plan G and Plan N are the three most popular Medicare supplement plans, because they offer the most coverage. Of the three most popular plans, Plan N is usually the least expensive option. Though the premiums are lower, it still offers quite a bit of coverage.

If you do not frequently visit the doctor, a Plan N may be the right choice for your Medicare supplement coverage.