What is Medicare?

Medicare is a national health insurance program offered in the United States for people 65 and older. People under 65 who have certain disabilities or end-stage kidney failure may also qualify. This program is divided into various parts, and it’s important to learn how these fit together.


  • helps cover inpatient care in hospitals, skill nursing facilities, hospice care, and home health care.

The cost of Medicare Part A for most people is nothing. This is because during your working years you have paid taxes to pre-fund the premiums for your hospital benefits. If you don’t automatically qualify for premium-free coverage, most individuals can still apply for it. You’ll pay a hefty monthly premium to get it though.


  • covers essentially all of your other coverage outside of your inpatient hospital fees – services from doctors and other health care providers, outpatient care, medical equipment, lab fees and other preventive services.

The cost of Part B is set by Medicare and changes from year to year.  Most preventive services are typically at no cost; however, some services may require a deductible, co-insurance, or both.  Cost is determined by the adjusted gross income reported by your or your spouse to the IRS.

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