Save 30% on Medicare Supplement Plan F in 10 Minutes (Or Less)

People often ask whats the most popular Medicare Supplement Plan to enroll in? They have a friend or family member that recommend Plan F so they sign up thinking they are getting the best deal. We’ve worked with 100’s of clients who thought the same thing about Plan F only to find out years later that they enrolled in the most expensive plan with highest rate increases.

Medicare Plan F

How We Saved A Couple $1200 a Year By Switching from Plan F to Plan G

On Average Plan F costs 30% more per year than Plan G which is nearly identical coverage. I recently saved a couple over $1,200 A year by switching from Plan F to Plan G with the same company they were already with. They had initially enrolled in Plan F when first enrolling in a supplement plan and never were told about the savings with Plan G. The couple were both now in their mid 70’s and had been on plan F for over 9 years. Can you believe that…..Imagine How much more $$$ they would have saved if they had been enrolled on Plan G initially when they first applied.

You Can Save Money on Plan F too!!!

For a FREE QUOTE to compare rates for Plan F vs G in your area, Call today at 1-888-508-1781….. Don’t let years of overpaying continue.


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